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The Antarctic Way – Redefining What’s Possible – Life Changing Adventures Aboard FPB 78s

… beautifully filmed, powerful video follows the journey of two FPB 78s as they cruise the remote and challenging Lemaire channel of Antarctica. Read the rest »

Posted by Steve Dashew  (March 3, 2020)    |    Comments (0)

Secrets of the FPB Hull Shape – A Video That Shows and Tells All

For a link to the video which show and tells it all Read the rest »

Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 3, 2019)    |    Comments (2)

Open House With A Blow

MG 7333 The excitement of sea trials and open house is over and we are back in Arizona with a load of photos and video to process. Read the rest »

Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 20, 2012)    |    Comments (8)

FPB 64 – Going Smoothly

Screen shot 2011 10 29 at 9 35 01 PM

While our usual fair is more extreme weather than this video depicts, there are some lessons for us here as well, not the least of which is the efficiency at work you are about to watch on your computer screen. The video was shot by Brian Rickard on a recent cruise with the Henrys aboard the FPB 64 Sarah Sarah, in British Columbia.

Sarah Sarah has a full payload of the Henry’s gear aboard and half tanks. She weighs around 80,000 pounds / 36,000kg, and is running at nine knots through the water (net of current). This is a speed length ratio of 1.15, on the low side of where the FPB 64s normally operate in smooth water.

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Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 30, 2011)    |    Comments (4)