FPB 70-1: Growing Big and Strong

You are standing on a rigid coaming of the FPB 70-1’s Matrix deck, looking toward the bow. Inside and out, she is coming together. 

Standing forward now, looking aft, note the notch in the coaming for access forward. With the solar panels roof-mounted, this area is now open.

The great room above and below. Note the open area below the seating. This looks into the basement. The basement is laid out so that the L-shaped settee to port and long settee to starboard provide headroom in the basement. The framework is in place for interior finishes.

The 70 has a similar Dorade vent system to that which is working so well on the 78s. You can see the ceiling diffusers at the top outside corners of the photo.

Standing in the galley now, looking forward. The fridge-freezer box is similar in size to the FPB 64. In addition, you could easily put in a couple of eight cubic foot/cubic meter sized conventional freezer chests in the basement area.

The aft port corner of the basement showing the damage control pump and related manifold. This gives you a sense of the headroom to the underside of the deck above.

Owners’ suite looking aft. The door on the starboard side of the boat is one of two forward entrances into the basement. It leads to a large closet area. Turn right as you step through the door and you have two large bulkheads on which are mounted most of the electrical/electronics hardware. Batteries go under the bunk.

Standing in the forward head looking to starboard from where the shower/tub unit will go. The toilet goes opposite.

The engine room will have slightly more open space than the 78s, in scale, due mainly to the black/gray water tanks being moved aft and under the swim step.

Looking to port from the starboard side of the engine room.

Looking aft into the “Executive Lounge” (workshop/lazarette/crew quarters).

Swim platform looking forward. The hatch on the port side is for flammable stores.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 12, 2017)

4 Responses to “FPB 70-1: Growing Big and Strong”

  1. Arve Hansen Says:

    If I owned this boat I would (almost) never put my feet on solid ground again. What a practical beauty she will become!

  2. John W Risner Says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to build a couple more? Thanks for the update!

  3. Scotto Says:

    i like this one…too.

    i like all of them.

  4. Carl E. Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the build update, they were missed.

    She already looks impressive. When is she due to be launched?