Photo Speed Test

You are looking at step one of the new and improved SetSail. This upgrade includes a much faster website connection.In this post we’ve thrown up a series of relatively high res photos. We would appreciate some feedback with comments on loading speed and visual quality.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 11, 2017)

20 Responses to “Photo Speed Test”

  1. john Says:

    Gosh that’s a pretty boat in high res!

  2. Evan Gatehouse Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Page loads very quickly. Photo #18 from top has some weird JPEG artifacts in the clouds? but the rest look fine

  3. Passerby Says:

    Instantaneous load over a corporate network through a Citrix connection.

  4. Kevin Costello Says:

    They came up instantly for me! Great Pictures…

  5. Drew Says:

    Excellent in both aspects

  6. Scotto Says:

    you even make a work bench look good!

    birds on the wing, beautiful!

  7. Michael Seng Says:

    Steve and crew,
    Well done! The entire page with the amazing resolution loaded in the instant it took to click on the URL. This was to a laptop sitting off the Detroit Comcast Network. Even fast scrolling to the bottom did not see any lag thus the entire post loaded immediately. Again, well done.

  8. David Mulhaupt Says:

    Loads fast and looks great from Martinique.

  9. Barry Munsell Says:

    Home desktop, cable modem, the pictures seemed to load instantly and they are great pictures. Thanks

  10. Scott Evangelista Says:


    The pictures are pretty amazing and load very quickly. I hope this note find you and Linda well and that you are fully enjoying your approach to full retirement. I know you won’t rest fully util the rest of the boats are launched and successfully delivered to owners.

    Would love to see some updates on the 782 and of course the builds on the 70s

    take good care

    Warm regards


  11. Walt N Says:

    I have one of the slowest web connections on my end and your site used to load slowly. This page ‘popped’! Full page under 2 seconds. That’s FAST. Now if only ther was something new on the 70 page. Hmmm …

  12. Carlos V. Sucre Brigé Says:

    In a country with very slow internet (Venezuela) this page loads very fast with all pics immediately visible a top quality. Fastest web page in my laptop BY FAR

  13. Richard Boote Says:

    Page loads very fast and the photo’s are HD quality. AWESOME!

  14. Brian Says:

    Loads instantaneously now … much much improved!

  15. Win Says:


    The photos downloaded basically instantly. The high resolution is impressive. The two photos that stand out for sharpness are the butterfly on the flower, and the 6th photo of a predator (an osprey maybe ?).

    Nice job on the new website. This series of photos really stand out. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Larry Says:

    Wow. Blazing speed on the load. Almost instantaneous for us here in Seattle, WA.
    Photo quality outstanding as usual.

  17. Gary Barnes Says:

    Like lightening now thanks Steve

  18. Josh Says:

    Site is fast now but still loads on my iPhone such that I only see left half of screen and have to manually shrink screen or rotate phone sideways to see full width of page. Dynamic resizing isn’t working right. It’s this way on other phones as well… may want to check that.

  19. John Dunagin Says:

    Wi Fi connected thru the only provider in Ridgecrest CA. Before upgrade your site would not even load. Now it’s almost instantaneous. Thank you for sharing with us all the beautiful pictures and technical information.

    Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.


  20. Dario Says:

    They load good I have a slow connection.

    I am impressed amzed

    Beautfull photos.

    Thanks for sharing them.

    Happy Christmas