FPB 78 – The Strongest Cruising Yacht Hull Ever Built? And Other FPB Progress Photos

2FPB 781 June 6 2014

Bottom plate this thick is heavy, very difficult to fabricate, and costly in the extreme. It is two times or more the Loyds Special Service rule requirements. Does it make sense?

The weight is low, so it contributes to stability. It will allow the FPB 78 to do things that no normal yacht would consider, and in the event of a problem gives us a factor of safety in the ice class range. So yes, in the FPB world does make sense.

5 FPB 781 Construction May 30 14

But wait, it gets heavier! We are looking here at the grounding plate, down the centerline. This is one inch/24mm aluminum. Notice the supporting framework.

1FPB 781 June 6 2014

The same theme is carried out forward, in the stem.

1FPB 781 June 6 2014 2

The stem bar, breast hooks, and bottom plate are engineered to go through or bounce over obstructions when required.

4FPB 781 June 6 2014

The square extrusions bundled in front of the camera will eventually support the great room sole.

7 FPB 781 Construction May 30 14

The FPB 78 Matrix deck, looking from the aft solar array forward.

20140606 013

Switching now to the FPB 97, metal work is nearing the end, as is the interior cabinet work.

20140530 024

The Matrix deck roof and antennae support is ready for solar panels and then fitting to the house structure.

20140606 033

We will close with a couple of shots of the basement of FPB 64-10, now being fitted out with all manner of things electrical.

20140606 032

It is hard to imagine that these are, comparatively speaking, “simple” yachts.

20140606 031

Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 6, 2014)

2 Responses to “FPB 78 – The Strongest Cruising Yacht Hull Ever Built? And Other FPB Progress Photos”

  1. Shannon Says:

    They are making great progress. It looks great. You are going to be out there looking at the wake & figuring fuel burn before you know it. Love the structure. I would much rather have the weight & money in the hull & structure than marble floors. Keeps the blood pressure down when things go bump in the night.

  2. Victor Raymond Says:

    I thought my plate was “heavy” at 12 mm but you have me beat by a long shot.