Name That Deck: A Wicked Setsail Contest


We have a problem gentle reader, and we need your help. The marvelous space we so prosaically call “Pilot Deck” is worthy of a descriptor more in keeping with the view of the world from this unique space.


Of course this is not an easy challenge when you consider its attributes. Certainly this area offers excellent piloting, is at the point of maximum comfort for pitching, and has good sight lines. But it also is a wonderful living space, unique in the way it will bring its occupants into contact with the world around them. Finding a two word descripton that takes into account the enhanced views provided by the totally open perimeter – with or without EverClear windows in place – be it ocean, fjord, or tropical atoll, is no small feat.

As the team on this end has been singularly lacking in creative nomenclature, a contest is warranted. Should your submission become the Chosen One, you shall be honored with a Music For Cruising CD, a combo pack  of Setsail’s famous cruising DVDs, and a 2012 FPB 64 calendar.

Good luck, and may the best two word entrant win. Note: the judges decision shall be final (unless they change their minds).


Above is a half time super bowl taken from the Arizona Deck.

Post Script: As of February 7, 2012 the Name That Deck Contest is Officially Closed.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 5, 2012)

137 Responses to “Name That Deck: A Wicked Setsail Contest”

  1. Warren Cottis Says:

    Galaxy Deck for me

  2. Gordon McIntosh Says:

    Hi Steve,
    How about “Discovery Deck”. If you came across something new like the vista in the Arctic that is the first place you would head to.

  3. David Sutton Says:

    Hi Steve,

    A little bit of thinking and I have indeed come up with a couple more suggestions with some reasoning for each.

    1) “Solarium” the term conservatory is sometimes used to refer to a sunroom despite not being used as a greenhouse as traditional conservatories were.

    2) “Pergola” A pergola can be described as a (garden) feature forming a shaded passageway or sitting area. It may also be an extension of a building, or serve as protection for an open terrace.

    3) “Conservatory” The true conservatory offers more detailing and design than a simple sunroom. I think it works well with the “great room” concept you’re already using.

    4) “Solar” Historically the solar was generally smaller than the Great Hall, because it was not expected to accommodate so many people, but it was a room of comfort and status. the solar was sometimes a separate tower or pavilion, away from the ground-floor hall (great hall).

    5) “Portico” A porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, with a roof structure over a walkway, supported by columns such as the East Portico of the United States Capitol and the portico adorning the Pantheon in Rome.

    6) “The Loft” An upper storey directly under the roof. The modern use is often for a live/work space which is very apt. Also a bit of irony from the use “sail loft” or “rigging loft” and alludes to the area be aloft relative to the rest of the vessel.


  4. Michael Says:

    The FPB-series given name for the main deck is the “Great Room” which suggests a unified living experience at sea, with cooking, dining, lounging, and piloting as a family. My idea for the upper deck’s given name is “Sky Room” for these reasons:

    1. The view from the Sky Room is the open, free, infinite vista of soaring in a sailplane. Sky here means view to the horizon, see in all directions, look from above, and the openness of the great outdoors.

    2. The intent of the Sky Room seems room-like rather than deck-like. We’re not up on the flybridge or out on the sundeck as on other boats. On this ship we are in an enclosed panoramic penthouse yet still able to experience most of the FPB great-room joys of piloting, dining, and social seating.

    3. The name Sky Room makes me think of a rooftop restaurant or view-bar. I would expect the Sky Room in Paris to be atop the Tour Eiffel for example. This feels perfect for the FPB’s cruising couples and their lucky guests.

    For these reasons I believe that ‘Sky Room’ is a good counterpoint to ‘Great Room’ for the new FPB. It expresses the Genus Loci–the sense of place–that this new design revolves around.

  5. Bradley Shirah Says:

    Panorama platform

    Panorama perch

    Lunar lounge – for moon gazing of course

  6. Bob N Says:

    Given that it’s wide, shadey and on the top how about The Panama.

  7. Holly Jennings Says:


  8. Ward Says:

    Conning Tower (tip o’ the hat to subs)

    CommCon (Command and Control, I forget where I originally saw the term)

  9. Conrad Says:

    How about Cabana. (Apologies if it has already been suggested; I’m starting to lose track!)

    A question for Steve: the original request was for a two word term. Is that fixed, or are one word suggestions allowed?

  10. Steve Dashew Says:

    Two words only!

  11. Nathan Says:

    Not sure if it should be he “Inside-out Lounge” or the “Outside-in Lounge”

  12. Conrad Says:

    Pergola Deck…Dog House…Top Deck…Companion Deck…Yardarm Deck…Watch Deck…Cabana Deck…Banyan Deck…The Binnacle…Ship’s Deck…Yard Arm.

  13. Scott Webb Says:

    Horizon deck 🙂

  14. Bill P Says:

    Steve & Linda, your new FPB has reached a new level of enlightenment and so you should name it the “Zen Deck” or “Zen Lounge”

    Quote from Wikipedia “Zen emphasizes experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment. As such, it de-emphasizes theoretical knowledge in favour of direct self-realization”

    If that is a touch too esoteric, then “Great Lounge” “Lookout Deck” “View Bridge” or your original “Pilot Deck” all seem very appropriate.

    I am also guessing the internal accommodation layout will also bring some reactions?

    LOA somewhere between the 64 & 83?

  15. Will Says:

    Hi Steve and Linda,
    I am wondering about this fixed roof on top of the whatever-it’s-named-deck ( Hm – that is W-I-N-D Deck…, maybe good… :):
    Couldn’t that be problematic in a really strong gale. I mean, with the wind from the side, when the boat starts to lean a little, will not the roof become like a lifting wing and increase the lift the more the boat leans? And being fixed it will never shear like cloth.
    I guess you have calculated this!?

  16. Steve Dashew Says:

    There are two very strong masts connected by a massive box girder between the spars, to which the roof structures bolt. Gales, storm force, even a moderate hurricane should not be a problem.

  17. Will Says:

    I did not mean that it would break – I meant that its drag/lift would impair stability in a real blow. Isn’t it like flying a kite in a storm – a lot of force is generated compared to the plain windage of a pilot house…?!

  18. Kevin Says:

    Odyssey Deck!

  19. Vera Says:

    How about View Finder or View Master (like those old fashioned fisher price toys you look through and click the button and the picture dial turns)?

  20. Bob Prins Says:

    Omni Con

  21. NW Says:

    If there is an Arizona deck, then an obvious name for the sky deck is the Montana deck (Big Sky).

  22. Mike Holcomb Says:

    First thing that jumped into my head was “Holodeck” from the series Star Trec. The inovations that you guys have done are literally futuristic. Think about it, if there was such thing as a real Holodeck, whouldn’t this be what one would create and go cruising? Absolutly beautiful layout and design!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. John Says:

    Many thanks.

    The prizes arrived today, safe and sound!

    I was so pleased at having my suggestion adopted that I had forgotten all about the prizes until your eamil arrived asking for my mailing address.

    Seeing Matrix deck in print is exciting, seeing the Matrix deck in person will be the next step!

    Again, my thanks

  24. Warren Cottis Says:

    Congratulations John!

  25. John Says:

    “Awe-spiration Deck”