Report From New Zealand: 10th FPB 64 Begins – FPB 97 Masts Are Up

20130614 018 2

Here is a sight guaranteed to pleaseā€¦ FPB 64-10 has begun its journey (right) while FPB 97-1 has its mast structure well under way.

Ten years ago when we began work on the FPB 83 Wind Horse, the matriarch of the FPB family, nobody, least of all ourselves, would have predicted this outcome. Even more exciting to us is the fact that there are now eight FPBs actively cruising.

20130614 008

Masts up! Basic mast structure on the FPB 97 can be seen here. Note the access panels, gooseneck fittings for the booms, and in line extension for the topping lifts.

20130614 004

Matrix deck roof framework.

20130614 013

And for a sense of scale, a look through what will become the door into the FPB 97 gray room.

20130614 012

This is the inside of the coaming on the FPB 97, aft of the great room aft bulkhead. The vent pipes are for the fresh air system into the port side of the systems room below.

20130614 026

Now a pair of FPB 64 photos: FPB 64-8 above, and FPB 64-9 below.

20130614 025

These boats are separated by three months in terms of schedule.

20130614 021

We’ll close with this look at some of the wiring on FPB 64-8.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 14, 2013)

2 Responses to “Report From New Zealand: 10th FPB 64 Begins – FPB 97 Masts Are Up”

  1. Carlos Sucre Says:

    Hi Steve. What is that with many little cables, last picture on the left. FPB 64-8. Great that new 78.

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Carlos, the left side of the photo is the start of wiring for the electrical panel. The right side is some of the NMEA 2000 wiring.