Intro to FPB Program

Doing It Right – Creating the Best Possible Cruising Yacht

How do you create the best possible cruising yacht? Read on and we’ll share our formula. Read the rest »

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Why FPB? The Concept Explained…


We’ve been chasing the holy grail of the perfect cruising yacht for 40 years. The Deerfoot, Sundeer and Beowulf series are considered the premiere sailing yachts on which to circumnavigate. The FPB fleet is judged by the most experienced owners and journalists to be the best ocean-crossing motor yachts today. To find out why, read on:

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Why FPB? Owners and Editors Talk…


In case you don’t have an FPB anchored nearby, we’ve included below some brief comments from several of our owners, as well as a couple of hard-nosed magazine editors. We’ll start with Bill Parlatore, the individual many credit with the start and nurturing of the ocean cruising powerboat industry. Read the rest »

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A New Paradigm for Cruising

Our design goal has always been to cross oceans in maximum comfort and safety Read the rest »

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Time Machine

We have just had the most amazing four months of cruising. (This post was written in 2008, after voyaging from California to the UK.) Read the rest »

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Living With 360 Degree Views

We’ve been trying to describe what it is like to have the majority of our day to day experience aboard in an area with 360-degree views. Read the rest »

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FPB – A Woman’s Perspective

People are always asking how I like cruising on this new boat. (This post was written by Linda Dashew in 2007, after the first three seasons of cruising aboard FPB 83 Wind Horse.) Read the rest »

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Weathering the Storm

The following was originally written in the fall of 2008 as the economic system appeared to be melting down. Read the rest »

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Why Have We Done This?

We’ve switched to a form of cruising at which we’ve looked down our noses (well, at least Steve has) for half a century. Read the rest »

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The Importance of Speed

“With no serious penalty in speed, the boat just danced over or through the waves…”
–Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker Magazine


We’ve briefly mentioned the importance of the ability to maintain high average speeds. Let’s take a few minutes now and look at this subject in more detail. We’ll start with weather.

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